Saturday, November 10, 2007

What's another message?

Today, one can read two messages about the same subject on about the fact that a desk job increases the risk to get cancer. Not only the fact that the two messages tell more or less the same story based on the same study of prof. Hamilton, also the fact that these two messages are located near each other on the website surprises me. Indeed, it happens sometimes that in a print paper, two messages about the same subject are presented, but most of the times, this happens when a short message about for example a transfer of a soccer player is announced on the general sports pages and the same transfer is covered on the regional pages with more background and an interview. But in this specefic case, or the webmaster, or the journalist(s) should have seen that the (same) story was already on the news website and that it would be better to delete one of the messages. The fact that this didn't happened is perhaps because of the stories are written by tho different journalists (bf) and (edp) and that maybe the two stories were uploaded at the same moment. Does this also mean that two different journalists are paid to tell the same story?

UPDATE: during the writing of this blogpost, has deleted one of the messages. And no, I didn't call them ;-)

Monday, November 5, 2007

The risk of using Youtube movies

Using Youtube movies to illustrate or cover a news story online, can be of great value ... except when the movie isn't available anymore like in this example. The problem with online movies is that the control over content is no longer with the journalists but in the hands of the user who can choose to withdraw his/her movie from the youtube platform.
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